Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS

The danish Content Mangement System - Umbraco - is our speciality!

From our years of experience working with web development, we have found that, when developing websites on a CMS platform, you as a client need something that just works!

But Just works is different depending on who the client is.

Maybe you need something with an intuitive user interface that enables you to create and edit content easily. A CMS supports you in your tasks, more than feels like a beast you have to wrestle with every action you take.

Or maybe Just works for you in your project is a custom built rocket ship, tailored just for your specific need to fly to the moon. A platform that can be extended upon to build more than a simple website with images and text. A grand machine with integrations to all the third party services of your dreams, and scheduled jobs that fetches and processes data reliably like the finest Swiss clockwork.

Well, why not have both! And even better, its free.

Umbraco CMS gives you the best of both worlds. An intuitive easy to use backoffice that helps you keep focus and get editorial tasks done quickly. But at the same time gives us as developers the powers and freedom to craft advanced custom built solutions.

Here at Pragmasoft Ignite we have experience working with a wide range of different CMS's, but through the years we have always come back to Umbraco CMS as our favorite. That is why we have specialized in building solutions in this single shining gem of a CMS, and always recommend Umbraco CMS. The friendly CMS that empowers clients and programmers!