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To make a website come to life, nothing is more important than animations. A fact the talented people at KONTRAPUNKT were well aware of when creating the new digital identity for the science museum Experimentarium. Pragmasoft Ignite was brought into the project as a subcontractor responsible for bringing this vision into life by implementing a super sleek frontend that could support the designers vision.

In order for Experimentarium to be able to construct as many pages as possible, the site was implemented as a series of components. These components could be composed into pages, each with their unique color scheme that the components would adapt.

Technologies used
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • SASS
  • BEM Syntax
  • Foundation

Perfection lies in the details and no details have been spared attention in this project. The new logo for Experimentarium is one of the most key identities and cues the user that delight can be found everywhere for the one who pays attentions and explores the website.

Experimentarium Color Theme Blue