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Artful display of top notch door handles

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Pragmasoft Ignite was hired as subcontractor to provide its frontend expertise for the implementation of the new d line website, designed by Playdate Studio. The backend was to be implemented later on by a third party, so in order to make the development transition as smooth as possible, Pragmasoft Ignite mocked out all website API calls and provided stub services, ready to plug data directly into for the future backend developer.

The frontend and designs is kept extremely tight to represent the brand the best way possible. Take note of the smooth page transitions.

Technologies used
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • BEM Syntax
  • GreenSock
  • SASS

Product filtering can be difficult to get right as the options increase. Pragmasoft Ignite developed a nice filtering mechanism where it is easy to get an overview of which options are selected.

An original, yet intuitive take on a top menu. The menu implemented has the benefits of both being able to present a wide range of links, as well as being both easy to understand and pretty on the eye.