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crafting a unique journey through Astrid Kroghs artworks

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The Copenhagen based artist Astrid Krogh perfectly utilizes pulsating lights to create an ever changing spectrum of colors that captures even the beauty of a sunrise. To present these artworks in the web medium, carefull attention was needed to craft a unique journey through the story of Astrid Kroghs works.

Pragmasoft Ignite implemented a complete custom user flow that takes the visitor on a journey through Astrid Kroghs universe. Scrolling the website makes page after page fade into each other on a unique interpretation of the "Single page application" concept. This ensures that Astrid Krogh can hand tailor her own story in the order it is meant to be experienced.

Every ounce of redundant code was stripped away in this solution built with native JavaScript without any unnecessary libraries. Combined with masterfully crafted and reusable SASS, using the BEM terminilogy, stripped down the code for this custom experience to an impressively low 101.9KB.

Technologies used
  • Umbraco
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • SASS
  • BEM Syntax

Loading a website with hundreds of high resolution images, the best frontend techniques were rolled out to ensure that the website loaded in the blink of an eye! Every image was Lazy loaded just before the user would see them at exactly the size that was just right for either smartphone, tablet or big screen. This brings down the load time, and make every image "magically" appear when needed.

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