Get an overview of a few of the cases implemented by Ignite Studio.

  • Hero Feedback

    Hero Feedback aims to help students and staff improve their universities. Students can provide real-time feedback and ideas on what could be better. The team behind Hero Feedback needed a strong visual identity to build their brand, a long with measuring the students interest in having the possibility to rate their learning institution.

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    Giving the control back to the students

  • Dansk SymbioseCenter

    Dansk SymbioseCenter help match companies in symbioses, to help create growth, jobs and to reduce waste in production. For example a company might have flamingo as a waste resource, and another company might use flamingo in their production. Dansk SymbioseCenter help match these companies for the benefit of both parties.

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    Importing, sanitizing and presenting large data volumes.

  • Experimentarium

    A brand new museum calles for a brand new website! Experimentarium is a danish museum dedicated to the exploration of the science around us, and they needed a new website that would bring its quirky and playfull atmosphere to life in the digital medium.

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    Reusable frontend building blocks creates an infinite amount of pages.

  • Chart Art Fair

    The CHART organization, needed a new website for their upcoming event, but this year something had changed! Chart was no longer purely art driven, but had expanded to encompass a section about nordic design and had added a series of social events.

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    When nothing else justifies the case, build a custom image slider.

  • Astrid Krogh

    The Copenhagen based artist Astrid Krogh perfectly utilizes pulsating lights to create an ever changing spectrum of colors that captures even the beauty of a sunrise. To present these artworks in the web medium, carefull attention was needed to craft a unique journey through the story of Astrid Kroghs works.

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    A unique user journey to present one of a kind content.