Ignite Studio

Ignite Studio is a passionate one-man-army digital agency with a broad technical depth that enables end-to-end development of smartphone apps and modern websites. With a focus on creative collaboration, I engage in projects with the mission to craft digital experiences that makes you feel all tingly inside.

I implement complete solutions in-house as well as enter into constellations with other digital agencies, or acts as a subcontractor on larger projects.


Get an overview of a small subsection of what Ignite Studio has proudly implemented.

  • Hero Feedback

    Hero Feedback aims to help students and staff improve their universities. Students can provide real-time feedback and ideas on what could be better. The team behind Hero Feedback needed a strong visual identity to build their brand, a long with measuring the students interest in having the possibility to rate their learning institution.

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    Giving the control back to the students

  • Experimentarium

    A brand new museum calles for a brand new website! Experimentarium is a danish museum dedicated to the exploration of the science around us, and they needed a new website that would bring its quirky and playfull atmosphere to life in the digital medium.

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    Reusable frontend building blocks creates an infinite amount of pages.

  • Chart Art Fair

    The CHART organization, needed a new website for their upcoming event, but this year something had changed! Chart was no longer purely art driven, but had expanded to encompass a section about nordic design and had added a series of social events.

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    When nothing else justifies the case, build a custom image slider.

Why Ignite

Ignite Studio is a small passionate one-man studio, with a burning love for creating digital wow-moments which flirts with the eyes and touches the hearts of your consumers.

Love for everything digital

With Ignite you get a burning passion for digital development and a drive to continually implement digital solutions to be proud of. Which in my experience is what is needed to be competent in the ever changing world of programming and design.

End-to-end web development

Ignite Studio offers the service to implement your solution end to end. As such you don't have to worry about finding different technical partners for the frontend- and backend development.

App development for iOS and Android

Ignite Studio implements cross platform apps for iOS and Android using Ionic framework. This gives you a performant app at a reduced development time.

Interface design in synergy with code

It is easy to create a design that is beautifull on paper, but its a whole other story to create a design that its possible to implement in the browser. Ignite Studio gives you a synergy of both design and implementation and guides you through the process.

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